My List of Security Announcements from Build 2021

General availability: Azure RBAC for Kubernetes Authorization in AKS <link>

General availability: Encryption at host support in AKS <link>

Preview: AKS support for FIPS compliant nodes <link>

Building Well-Architected secure applications with Azure <link>

Scaling DevSecOps with GitHub and Azure <link>

Application Authentication in the Microsoft Identity platform <link>

Build secure B2C applications​ with Azure AD External Identities <link>

Securely managing cloud applications <link>

Build Zero Trust ready applications starting with the Microsoft identity platform <link>

Down with sign-ups, just sign-in! <link>

Azure Cosmos DB role-based access control (RBAC) now in general availability <link>

Always Encrypted for Azure Cosmos DB in public preview <link>

Public preview: Azure Confidential Ledger <link>

Azure SQL Database ledger available in public preview <link>

Securely managing sensitive data in the cloud <link>

How to use Azure Confidential Computing using Intel SGX to protect apps and solutions in the cloud <link>

Signal Customer Story <link>

Build Secured IoT Solutions for Azure Sphere with IoT Hub <link>